Instyle Solar June 29. What You Might Have Missed This Week in Solar

1. Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Australia are Set to Boom

According to a recent report generated by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), the next decade will see a boom in electric and Hybrid car sales. Do we have the infrastructure to support it? Read about it here.

2. Through the Roof. Solar Rooftops Hit Record Level in Australia

Will Australia hit a third of its power generation via renewables by 2020? With state governments increasing support through new initiatives, it is looking likely. Is it government policy driving the renewable bus, or private enterprise? Green Energy Markets said the continued growth in renewable power was independent of the Turnbull government’s energy policy reform, the National Energy Guarantee. More about this story here.

3. Electric Dirt Bikes. Carving Up the Dirt Tracks Without a Sound

We’re all very conscious of the rise of the electric car. But what about motorbikes? And what about motocross dirt bikes in particular? Imagine the motorbike off-road experience with nothing but the sound of nature and the scent of flora. All the fun, battery driven, with none of the pollutants. Check it out here.

4. News from Abroad. California Dreaming. Mandatory Solar in CA?

California may become the first state in the United States to make solar panels mandatory on new homes. While there will be a few exceptions, it is proposed that all new homes, condos and apartment buildings from 2020 onward will need to have rooftop solar. What will this do to the cost of a new dwelling? Find out more here.

5. Renewables Attracting Foreign Investment in Australia

While foreign ownership in Australia is a highly contentious issue, foreign investment in Australia is great news, particularly when it’s driven by renewable energy. Teaming up with local developer CWP Renewables (CWP), Swiss buyout firm Partners Group will invest a total of A$700 million in the development of a large-scale renewable energy platform in Australia. Learn more. Follow this link.

6. This Week's Retrospective. Australia’s First Solar Home, 1978.

Learn why the Bos family decided to build a home that could power itself. What was happening in 1978 (when the house was constructed) that provided the impetus? Was the process complicated? Were the Boss family visionaries? Futurists? Or just implemented a solution to a perceived problem? Find the answers via this link.

7. Off Grid Power Exceeding Expectations for WA Farming Communities

Replacing aging power infrastructure is a very costly business for remote farming communities and utility companies. It would appear that solar and solar peripherals are providing a win-win solution for all stakeholders. Going off the grid with the use of renewables seems to hold a basket full of the right answers. Read about it here.

8. Who Has Been Driving the Solar Boom in Australia?

Australia’s renewable power is growing steadily by the megawatt. We’re seeing plenty of wind farms about as we traverse the great Aussie highways, and we’re hearing about more on the agenda. There are also more large solar plants popping up in sun-rich locations, again, with more planned. But are these large-scale, planet-friendly generators the core source of the growth in renewable megawatts? Find out here.

9. Go Solar Now! Or the Crocs Will Get You

Global warming, or warming sea temperatures, in particular, is increasing the habitats of certain species we’d rather keep in their place. Why is deadly aquatic life making its way south? Will we get to a point when tourists are taking pics of crocs from the steps of the Opera house? There are plenty of Bull sharks in the Brisbane River; do we really need Irukandji jellyfish too? Get informed here.

10. This weeks video. Show me the money. Big corporate will go anywhere their hip pockets take them…renewables included

This documentary, released back in 2016, is one for the hopeful. It’s astonishing where renewables can take us given the right incentives. For many, global warming was simply not enough to embrace the technology and take it mainstream. However, when power can be generated more cheaply from the sun than via traditional fossil fuels, big business starts to listen. In fact, more than listen, they act. After all, good business is good business. Grab some popcorn and watch it here.

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