Instyle Solar Briefing. What You Might Have Missed This Week In Solar

1. Lithium. It’s solar gold. And Australia is loaded with it

The holy grail of renewable electricity generation is electricity storage. While numerous technologies are vying for credibility, it’s Lithium batteries, backed by such visionary entrepreneurs and futurists as Elon Musk, that are quickly gaining favour and market acceptance with key renewable stakeholders. Read about it here.

2. It’s June. Time for the Queensland Government to roll out its new solar interest-free loan incentive

5000 Queenslanders have been waiting for access to the promised interest-free loans for solar and storage. While the battery rebate release is yet to be announced (late 2018), the beginning of June marks the start of the interest-free loan component of the scheme. Learn more about it here.

3. It’s a Solar State of Origin. NSW leading rooftop solar installation

While Queensland has been profoundly dominant in the Rugby League State of Origin for over a decade now, it seems NSW are getting the points with a rooftop solar installation. With solar credentials (arguably) more important than rugby league, it’s time Queenslanders got competitive here. Check out the latest stats.

4. Solar surge. Believe it or not, our uptake of solar could now create “solar spill” problems for the grid

Our home-based mini power stations are now producing so much electricity that it may end up destabilizing the grid. While chocolate and pastry lovers can relate to the notion of ‘too much of a good thing’, who would have imagined we’re getting too much sun-born electricity? The boffins in the power game are telling us that electricity storage may be the answer. Is it Elon Musk to the rescue again? The full story here.

5. We don’t trust our power retailers

We all know that most Aussies have limited trust in used car salespeople and real estate salespeople. It’s more than cliché; it's folklore. But now it seems our power companies now have top billing in the distrust stakes. A recent survey conducted by Landis+Gyr and Essential Research, shows the stats put our power companies at an all-time distrust high…or is that low? Do they deserve it or is it just perception? See the stats for yourself.

6. Solar and wind power can save Australia billions of litres of water

Australia is an exceptionally dry continent. While renewables such as solar and wind use negligible amounts of water to no water at all in electricity production, the burning of fossil fuels uses prodigious amounts. Water is our key resource and in ever so limited supply. Read how renewable electricity saves water.

7. 800MW Clarke Creek wind farm approved for Central Queensland

It appears Queensland business has a real taste for renewable energy. Clarke Creek, Queensland’s biggest wind farm is just one project. There are more in the pipeline suggesting that Queensland is determined to take a leading role in renewables. This is a good news story.

8. Don't Miss This Video: Iconic British car manufacturer Jaguar is impressing the critics with the new electric Jaguar I-Pace

Eat your heart out Elon. Jaguar's latest offering is electric and in more ways than one. The I-Pace appears to have it all, ensuring that Jaguar will remain more than relevant as petrol and diesel go the way of steam. Treat yourself and get familiar with the Jaguar I-Pace here (20 Videos!)

9. Grid-free remote communities integrating solar to cut diesel reliance

Diesel is expensive and dirty, yet it has been the power life-blood of remote communities for decades. Learn how the Solar Energy Transformation Program or SETuP project is changing power dynamics in remote Australia. Full story here.

10. Retrospective. July 2017, Scott Morrison…"Jay Weatherill’s big battery "won’t get through one episode of Ninja Warrior"

The comment refers to the Jay Weatherill, Elon Musk collaboration to build the world's biggest Lithium-ion battery in South Australia.

Many Australians, South Australians in particular, will remember the above statement from our illustrious treasurer Scott Morrison. His statement on the Tesla Battery was at the very least misleading, if not dangerously ignorant. The ad hominem attacks on Elon Musk and the South Australian Premier did little to bolster his credibility.

Either way, a Federal treasurer with such an apparent abhorrence to renewable technology innovation sends a poor message to a nation doing its best to integrate the future of power generation into its current power generation paradigm.

Read this July 2017 article from The Australian for a run-down of the story. Of particular interest are the discussions from regular Australians having their say. Did any of the contributing doubters have a clue what the battery's real purpose is?

Now read this article, to see if Morrison and his armchair expert supporters were correct to rubbish the project or have to eat some humble pie.

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