Instyle Solar 8 [Pretty Good] Reasons To Go Solar

In today’s world, there is an increased awareness of saving energy and going solar plays a major role. While many of us may have heard talk about the amount of money and natural resources that can be saved, if you are seriously considering making the switch, it’s a good idea to consider the facts and find out about your options.

It is likely that the news will be better than you think. There can be benefits involved that you may have never even thought about.

So saying, here are some great reasons for choosing solar energy for your home or office.

1. Reduce Your Electricity Bill or Eliminate it Completely

The amount of money you can save by going solar will vary from household to household. It will depend on the amount of electricity you use, the electricity costs in your area, and whether the energy your solar panels provide will completely eliminate or just greatly reduce your need to use electricity from the grid.

The degree to which solar can replace your electricity from the grid is dependent on a number of factors. These include how sunny it is where you live, which direction the roof faces and the efficiency of your system.

The amount of sunlight your panels are able to absorb will dictate whether or not you have enough solar energy to make it through the day.

When you consider that electricity rates continue to increase, solar savings just get better as time goes on.

2. Great Return on Investment

While we all know that going solar can be a great investment, many still have not made the switch.

Probably the biggest deterrent is the up-front cost. However, buyers should be aware that solar panels can be paid off within 7-8 years, but can yield a lifetime of savings.

Here are some other things to be aware of when purchasing solar panels that will help bring costs down:

Financial Incentives

There are many tax programs and rebates available when going solar that can help to save even more money. Look into the incentives the government is offering so you can take full advantage of these discounts and credits.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Another incentive for buying solar, RECs allow homeowners to sell certificates to their utility. This income will further help counter upfront costs.

Feed-in Tariffs

With net metering, any power you generate that is not used in your home or business flows into the grid and you receive a credit from your utility for the power. This also applies to power that is generated while you are on vacation that will not be used by your household.

Lowest Prices

The pricing on solar panel installation and equipment continues to decrease as the technology becomes more affordable. Shop around for the lowest prices to further increase your savings.

Financing Options

The upfront costs of going solar might be expensive, but there are financing options that can make it very affordable. Depending on the company you choose, you may be able to go solar for little or no money down. This way, you can begin to benefit from savings from day one.

3. Property Value Increases

Having solar panels on your house increases its value for when you decide to sell. Studies have shown that homes with solar panels can sell at an increase of 4% to the value of the home.

This is based on a key finding that homebuyers are consistently willing to pay PV home premiums of approximately $4 per watt of installed solar capacity. That could mean an additional $24,000 on your home’s resale value if you have a standard 6 kilowatt solar PV system.

Although this is all good news to homeowners, those who lease their solar panels should note that property value increases will only be beneficial to those who actually own their solar panels. If the solar panels are leased, they will not come with the house once it is purchased and therefore, will not increase your property values.

4. Business Benefits

If you are a business owner, the incentives to go solar can be even more than most homeowners. The investment you make in solar will be one that saves money, increasing the profitability of your business.

Although like homeowners, the amount you save could vary, some business owners see reductions of up to 75% on their electricity bills.

Though the investment in solar may be pricey, equipment and installation costs are going down. Like homeowners, businesses can sell any extra power their system provides to their utility and so, make money on their investment.

Businesses that go solar will also be protected against price increases and inflation, locking in prices and eliminating unpredictable expenses.

And these are only some of the ways your company can benefit. By going solar, you may also win over customers that appreciate your green efforts. Those who believe supporting the environment is important are more likely to do business with a company that feels the same.

Employees may also be happier to be working for an environmentally friendly company. This can result in lower turnover rates and higher levels of morale.

Lastly, by hiring local workers to install your panels, you will be putting money into the local economy.

5. Boost Energy Independence

The sun is a nearly infinite source of energy. Studies have shown that 25,000 square miles of solar panels can generate enough electricity to power the entire world.

Everyone who invests in solar will help bring the world closer to making this dream of solar independence a reality. These are efforts that can help to protect us against energy price fluctuations and ensure a sustainable source of energy for the future.

6. Creating Jobs

Not only is solar energy a great way to save money and natural resources, the solar industry creates a number of jobs across the world.

Research shows that solar industry employment has grown by 123% since 2010, a number that is expected to continue rising.

And it is not only the increasing number of jobs that is impressive; look at the people who are being employed in the solar industry. These include veterans and members of the low and middle-skilled classes, both of which are targets for low employment.

Wages for these workers tend to be better than average and companies that do installations are often locally owned businesses. Hiring these businesses helps to stimulate the local economy.

7. Protect the Environment

Of course, one of the main reasons many choose to go solar is to decrease their carbon footprint.

Going solar can minimize environmental issues like climate change and health problems caused by carbon emission.

Research shows that the average household can produce 20 metric tonnes of carbon pollution each year. Going solar can reduce this pollution by 3 to 4 tonnes annually.

Solar panels can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to the fact that the electricity solar panels produce is completely emissions-free.

Using renewable energy reduces the demand for electricity from your utility company. As a result, your utility plant emits less carbon when producing the power necessary for customer demand.

8. Solar Panels are Easy To Use and Reliable

Because so many people are going solar, the technology used is becoming more accessible and affordable and the installation process is easier than it ever was.

The panels are also extremely reliable with a lifespan of 25-30 years, guaranteeing that they will generate a good amount of electricity down the line.

There is little or no maintenance required with solar. Repairs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All owners need to do is keep their panels free of dirt and debris. This is something they can easily do by hosing the panels with water as needed, usually once a year.


When the decision is made to go solar, it does more than save money and energy. It makes a statement that tells people you are onboard with greener living.

This can reward you in the type of feedback received from your community as well as incentives received from the government.

Look into your options for going solar to find out how to take advantage of this environmentally friendly alternative that can benefit you in so many ways.

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