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In the last decade alone, Australia has installed 5900 megawatts of solar power.

In fact, Australia is the number one country in the world for rooftop solar per capita.

But guess what?

50% of Australian solar systems are underperforming.

What’s worse is that most homeowners are blissfully unaware that their system has a fault.


Only 1% of homeowners report having online monitoring installed alongside their system.

That leaves 99% of solar owners without any way to be notified of a major fault.

Most homeowners only realise something has gone wrong once they get their energy bill, only to realise their bills are as high as they were before they had solar installed.

It’s not anyone’s fault. For many years, the technology was simply not available.

The only ‘monitoring systems’ came in the form of a Seven-Segment display on the front of the inverter.

Recently, however, the solar monitoring and management market has seen a lot of activity, as companies aim to perfect the ‘final piece of the puzzle’ for residential solar.

One such company is Solar Analytics.

Founded in 2012, Solar analytics has grown into Australia’s largest independent solar monitoring company.

They have looked to combine in-depth and live monitoring with smart home capabilities.

Beyond that, Solar Analytics announced that they would open up their software to create the first solar energy smart home platform.

So if you think your solar system might be underperforming, what Solar Analytics has to offer might be the solution!

How It Works

Solar Analytics works by monitoring both your solar panel production and your energy usage profile.

From there, the ‘Solar Smart Monitor’, which takes about an hour to install and is placed within your meter box, captures all the relevant data before uploading it to the cloud.

Solar analytics makes use of its top secret ‘patented algorithms’ to analyse your data and understand your energy profile.

This data is then combined with weather forecasts to give you a comprehensive understanding of your energy usage habits, as well as your system’s predicted performance.

All this data is displayed in a way that is simple to understand and can be viewed from any laptop, tablet or device.

You’ll be able to see when and how you are using the most energy, plus how well your system is performing.

Not to mention when your system is working—and when it’s not!

A Detailed Monitoring Dashboard

For a homeowner who is serious about saving with solar, Solar Analytics has a bounty of information to explore via their online dashboard.

In fact, for those of you who have a competitive streak, you’ll be pleased to know that Solar Analytics will notify you about how energy efficient you were in comparison to their 100 closest customers.

Beyond that, there is plenty more Solar Analytics will report on.

Solar Performance

If you have a 6kW solar system, then Solar Analytics will estimate—based on weather data and other factors—exactly how much power you should have produced on a day by day basis.

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your solar production and make changes to your daily energy usage habits to reduce unnecessary expense.

But, secondly, if your panels are ever damaged, Solar Analytics will report that your system has been seriously underperforming.

If the issue is particularly severe, Solar Analytics will issue an alert so that you can let your installer know you have a problem that needs fixing.


Your Energy Usage, Live

Understanding how and when you use power is a major step in reducing your bills.

While some homeowners think that by getting solar power they can avoid monitoring and managing their usage, others try to make the most out of their solar.

Solar Analytics will not only give you tips as to how you might go about reducing your quarterly bill, but it also maps out exactly when you’re using the most power.

That way you can begin to alter your daily routine to maximise savings! Not only that but:

“You can also see the impact of weather, shading, faults, and breakages on your solar performance so that you can improve your system's efficiency.” - Solar Analytics

A Smart Home for Solar Power

Recently, Solar Analytics have announced their plans to go beyond live monitoring.

They have partnered with a number of other energy management and monitoring platforms to help bring to life what they are calling a “game-changing” energy management system.

Essentially, the new update will allow Solar Analytics’ platform to plug into a variety of third-party components to bring about the first ‘smart home energy ecosystem’.

So far, Solar Analytics has partnered with Apricus Hot Water and Catch Power. Catch Power is a smart hot water management system that uses advanced algorithms to determine when the best time to heat your water using cheap PV power is.

“These partnerships are the next step in creating a much bigger and more valuable ecosystem of intelligent energy and cost-saving products that deliver smarter energy solutions,” said Solar Analytics’ business development director Nigel Morris.

Solar Support is Just One Phone Call Away

As a homeowner, you might be thinking, “Great, so if my solar system is faulty or not performing Solar Analytics will let me know about it... but then what?”

Well, it turns out that Solar Analytics gives all their customers access to free solar support.

Next time you have a problem with your system, you can just give them a call and an expert will help to troubleshoot over the phone, before giving you an idea of the next steps required to get the system fixed.


Solar Analytics provides homeowners with an accurate way to measure the impact of their solar systems, plus look out for any potential faults.

If your system is underperforming, find out immediately with Solar Analytics’ live monitoring, not three months down the track when you get a bloated bill.

Being one step ahead of the curve, Solar Analytics has enabled third-party access to their platform.

This means that there will be many more upgrades and add-ons available for homeowners looking to supercharge their solar system.

Once Solar Analytics does find a problem, you can give them a call on their dedicated solar support hotline!

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