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SolarEdge, an American/Israeli company founded in 2006, has quickly become one of the dominant players in the market for both inverters and DC optimisers.

They are best known for producing highly optimised, premium-level inverters.

It’s no surprise then that SolarEdge has provided one of the most comprehensive, technically detailed monitoring platforms available to the Australian market.

In fact, the only criticism that could be made of SolarEdge’s platform is that it is perhaps too technical.

There's no need to worry.

You won’t be left alone to figure about out why panel 1.1.12 is underperforming against panel 1.1.9 during peak sunlight hours.

That’s because SolarEdge gives access to their platform to both the homeowner and the installer.

That’s right—you can receive personalised technical support over the phone from a technician that can already see the problem.

That means that next time your system has a problem, instead of repeating yourself over the phone to an outsourced technical support team, your local installer can log in and solve the problem directly.

You won’t have to sift through any data to figure out if there is a fault either. Instead, the monitoring platform will issue a fault alarm automatically.

Best of all, unlike most third-party monitoring apps, SolarEdge’s platform is entirely free and included with every inverter.

So what else does this solar software have to offer?

How Panel Level Monitoring Works

SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge’s monitoring and energy management platform can record your energy production and consumption with such a high level of detail thanks to another SolarEdge product, their DC optimisers.

As you can see from the image above, SolarEdge’s optimisers are installed alongside every panel.

This is so they can optimise your system’s power output and overall efficiency at the panel level.

However, they also perform a secondary function, which is to report back to the main inverter with relevant performance data.

Because of this, SolarEdge’s monitoring platform can give far more precise readings about the productivity of your system.

However, it also gives homeowners and installers a far better understanding of the health of their system.

Consider the following:

It’s the Easter long weekend. Everybody has come around to your place for a BBQ, a couple of cold ones, and some backyard cricket.

Unfortunately, one of the kids has hit the cricket ball onto the roof.

You think to yourself, ‘No worries, we’ll grab another!’ and you go on with your day.

Little did you know, the cricket ball hit one of your solar panels, cracking it and ruining its production capability.

Now, usually, panels are pretty tough. But this was a proper cricket ball, and the batter had hit it for six.

Unfortunately, your panels weren’t installed with panel level monitoring, and so you continue on with day-to-day life, blissfully unaware that your system has been seriously underperforming.

That is, until you receive your next electricity bill… Three months later. And it’s a big one.

All of this could have been avoided with panel level monitoring.

As soon as the cricket ball struck your panels, you would have received a notification that one of your solar modules had been underperforming.

And your installer would have been notified as well.

From there, you could have had someone out to fix it in days.

The Monitoring Dashboard’s Features

SolarEdge has spared no expense in using their panel level monitoring to its full potential and filling their platform with a plethora of features that help the homeowner to reduce their expenses and increase output.

In fact, SolarEdge’s monitoring software is so powerful that it’s capable of managing large-scale commercial systems as well as small-scale residential installs.

From remote service calls to production playback, the dashboard is packed with interesting information about your system.

Email Alerts System

For the longest time, solar systems had lagged behind when it came to providing homeowners with modern, useful software solutions.

These days it’s common to find monitoring systems that come standard with mobile apps, cloud data storage, and even AI energy management programs.

SolarEdge is no different and has created a smart faults detection system that will notify the homeowner via email if and when something goes wrong.

That way you can act quickly—before you start paying for grid power unnecessarily.

StorEdge Monitoring

Thinking of adding battery storage to your system? If so, then SolarEdge has the monitoring solution for you.

SolarEdge StorEdge is their battery integration system that allows homeowners to either retrofit a battery to their solar system or install a hybrid system from the get-go.

Their monitoring system allows you to see your system in real time as it sends excess solar to your battery unit, and discharges it later on in the day once the sun has begun to dip.


12 Month Performance History

If you’re a data nerd, you are going to love the performance playback feature.

Sift through 12 months of solar production and consumption data and watch as if you were watching it live as your solar system reacts to shading, low-light periods and the morning sun.

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your energy consumption or you're simply captivated by seeing your system at work, this feature will surely excite new solar owners.

Physical Layout Planner

This feature doesn’t just help installers locate and fix problems; it also makes it far easier for homeowners to understand how their system functions.

The physical layout planner, allows homeowners to see their system perform live in a realistic and easy to understand way.

For example, let’s say you receive a notification telling you that one of your panels is performing poorly.

You log in to SolarEdge’ monitoring portal and see that indeed, the second panel to the right is underperforming.

You go outside and it seems that a palm tree frond has fallen onto the second panel from the right.

How easy was that?

The physical layout feature makes solar monitoring relatable and extremely simple to understand.


SolarEdge is one of the only inverter manufacturers to offer inbuilt software that allows for panel level monitoring and management.

SolarEdge offers a top-tier solution for homeowners worried about ongoing technical support and maintenance.

From sending homeowners email alerts when things go wrong to giving installers backend access to conduct over-the-net services, SolarEdge has developed a product with convenience in mind.

For those of you out there interested more in the data side, SolarEdge allows you to sift through months of data, or watch live as your panels produce free and clean energy.

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